Notes to the statement of cash flow


31 Notes to the statement of cash flow

The consolidated statement of cash flow shows how cash and cash equivalents have changed in the course of the year as a result of inflows and outflows of funds. As per IAS 7 "Statement of Cash Flows", differentiation is made between cash flows from operating activities, from investing activities and from financing activities.


Cash flow from operating activities results from cash flows that cannot be defined as investing or financing activities. It is determined on the basis of net profit. As part of the indirect determination of cash flow, the changes in balance sheet items due to operating activities are adjusted by effects from changes to the scope of consolidation and currency translations where necessary. The changes in the respective balance sheet items can therefore only be partially aligned with the corresponding values in the published consolidated balance sheets. In financial year 2017, operating cash flow was adjusted to take into account the effects of the demerger. For further details, please refer to the "Financial position" section in the management report.


Cash flow from investing activities is essentially influenced by the investment of cash and cash equivalents in property, plant and equipment, in time deposits, as well as in time deposits which have reached maturity.


Cash flow from financing activities includes cash-relevant equity changes and loans used and paid back.


Cash and cash equivalents with a term to maturity of not more than three months are recorded under cash and cash equivalents. Cash equivalents are short-term financial assets which can be converted into cash at any time and which are only subject to minor value fluctuation risks.


Cash and cash equivalents
All figures in €'00031.12.201831.12.2017
Cash and cash equivalents 385,926301,013
thereof changes due to demerger operations-12,004
Cash and cash equivalents385,926301,013

Receivables of MLP Banking AG due from banks are included in cash and cash equivalents, insofar as they are separable as own-account investing activities. Inseparable elements are allocated to the operating business of the banking business segment and therefore to cash flow from operating activities. All deposits at the Deutsche Bundesbank are disclosed under cash and cash equivalents.